Star VPN Review

Nowadays, every user probably knows about the purpose of VPN and what it is all about. Star VPN is one of the reliable programs that gives you access to blocked websites and applications by connecting your network to VPN. This connection guarantees you complete confidentiality of your actions on the Internet. You can also protect your device from hack attacks in open networks as your connection will be encrypted.

H2: Star VPN main advantages

Like any other program, Star VPN has its main advantages. So this provides you with:

  • Its help to bypass the government censorship and geographical restrictions and unblock websites and applications of certain countries from anywhere;
  • A possibility to track the connection speed and the duration of your connection;
  • Anonymity. No one can track your activities throughout the Internet as your location and IP address will be changed to some other ones;
  • Privacy protection. The service keeps your personal data away from theft;
  • A possibility to secure your device. Being connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots or using mobile Internet, you will get the secure connection of your device. You will be highly protected from any hack attack.

Available servers

Before getting started on Star VPN, you can choose which server to connect to. This will help you bypass the blocking while being in any country, as well as choose the appropriate IP address. You will see some selection of servers from a little more than 20 different countries. All these servers are considered “premium” options, except the one in the USA. Nevertheless, P2P is available on only three of them and only for those who pay for the program. Someone who uses it for free gets the possibility to connect only to one server.

Choice of devices

What’s amazing is that you cannot find the program for your PC on Windows or Linux. You can use it only on devices with the following operating systems:

  • Mac OS;
  • Android;
  • iOS.

Ease of use

Star VPN is very convenient to install and use from wherever you are and has a simple interface for all platforms. You can find a connection button and the menu for changing the server. Just click the button to get connected to the server, and that is so easy! So there’s nothing superfluous there but only these features. Even a beginner or someone who understands nothing in IT-technologies will cope with these simple settings.

Summing Up

Star VPN is a very convenient and reliable service. This is perfect for everyone who wants to avoid obstacles and difficulties on the way to the desired website on the Internet. The program also provides a high level of security and anonymity replacing your IP address without saving any data about your activities.

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