How to Update Apps on Android

While a developer can use their Websites to render an Android app accessible, many Android apps are downloaded and released on the Android Market, an online store dedicated to such software. Both free and priced apps come on the Android Market.

In the Java programming language, Android apps are written and use core Java libraries.

For Android these applications are omnipresent, and if you’re looking for the good stuff, you’re expected to have something like that already!

There are lots of excellent Android apps. However, their utility is usually limited to the users ‘ habits. Such programs are not expected to have these issues. These can all be used by everyone.

Is VPN Also Considered an Android App?

Yes! VPN is also considered as an android app. It is actually both for desktop usage purposes and for mobile phones as well. Like other Apps, Android VPN has its functionalities, and it needs to be updated as well!

Do Android Apps Need Constant Up-Gradation?

Like any other application, Android Apps also need to be upgraded from time to time. Unlike websites, android apps are not paused or stopped for maintenance or up-gradation.  Android apps are updated differently.

Android developers build a new version of the existing App without pausing the previous version. Then they replace the old version to the new one without creating any inconvenience.

The users are notified to download the latest version of the App. It is their choice whether they want an updation now or later.

Many of you might not be aware of the steps to update an android app. Don’t worry; we are here to guide you on how to update an android app easily on your phone.

Let’s get started!

Android App Update

An app or App can automatically update your Android device when you connect to Wi-Fi via an Android operating system. Though, you will need to manually download the tool if you are not linked to wireless Internet access, or if the software is not scheduled to uninstall automatically. All approaches are fast and easy to update.

Following are some easiest steps with which you can update your apps easily:

  1. Connect your phone to the Internet

With upgrade apps, you do not entirely need to link Wi-Fi. You can do this with a mobile 3 G or 4 G LTE service. Nonetheless, phones often use large amounts of data while downloading, so connect to Wi-Fi to maintain low mobile data usage.

  1. Find the Play Store in your Phone

Check the menu on your phone until the Play Store icon is identified. You will access your downloaded software from your dock if you don’t have the Play Store on any of your devices.

There’s a button in your dock that appears like a white square map. Click the button and all devices on your Android device are navigated. Select the screen. Scroll over the pages of the downloaded application until the Play Store is open.

  1. Open Play Store

Tap it to open your finger once you see the Play Store icon. Enable it to load entirely until you continue to the next step.

  1. An Important step!

Click the Symbol of the Menu which appears like three bars stacked on top. Click My Apps from the list that appears. You will see all the apps that you download on your Android device as you go to the My Applications tab.

“Update” will label apps that have an update available.

All downloaded apps with upgrades are shown on the My Applications site. You have to determine if you only want to download those applications. In that scenario, if you wish to update them, you have to click Download next to specific apps.

  1. Accept the Privacy Policy

A new window should open for the majority of applications to tell you what data the device accesses or utilizes as one of its functionality. To upgrade the app, you should click Accept. The App won’t search for you if you don’t.

  1. Allow your App to update now!

While you can’t kill the Google Play Store device, you can open other apps while you wait. That’s going to stop your update. By swiping from the top of your mobile phone screen, you can check the progress of the update in your notification panel. In the top of your screen, you will also see a downward arrow heading towards a long horizontal line while the device changes.

Final Words

Android Apps are the most commonly used mobile apps these days. You can find all kind of apps on the Play store. It is a hub of all android apps with their specific categories. Apps must be updated to enjoy the latest features that the developers have added for you to make your app experience even more special!

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